I work toward social justice. I strive to offer a grounding and nurturing presence to make people feel seen, valued and heard. Through facilitating conversations, holding space for deep reflection and sharing stories, and designing curriculum and programs that reflect a commitment to social justice, my work is about recognizing and honoring people's’ humanity.

I partner with non-profit organizations, schools, and grantmaking institutions. Whether I’m designing a program on dismantling racism, coaching individual staff members in all levels of an organization, or facilitating a workshop on the impacts of oppression, the values and principles of social justice are at the heart of I am and what I do. As a white woman, I am conscious of the skin I walk through the world with and the importance of talking openly about race, power and privilege (my own and others). I think deeply about the contributions I can (and cannot) make in moving us all toward a more socially just world. My work as a social justice educator and facilitator is about challenging patterns of dominance and subordination and exploring the impacts of race and racism on communities.

I believe socially just practices and social justice values will help us all move toward a world where each of our humanity is honored. Part of my practice as a facilitator is to ensure that there is a diversity of life experience, identity and thought among the facilitation teams I am a part of in order to create safe, productive and open spaces where everyone can participate fully. Often with a co-facilitator, I create and hold spaces where people can show up as their full selves, share stories, and develop skills for navigating and challenging oppressive dynamics, systems and relationships in their own lives. One of my most trusted collaborators, Tanya Williams, and I often partner to do this work together. Learn more about our story here.

As a social justice consulting practice, I, along with co-facilitators and partners in this work, collaborate with organizations that are ready to take their practices and organizational culture to a more inclusive and equitable place. The organizations I’ve worked with (and continue to support) are ready to operationalize their commitment to social justice work in ways that are lasting and meaningful.

My most important job is being a mama to my two amazing daughters. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my kids and husband.