What People Are Saying

Bari understands the complex interpersonal dynamics at play in schools and organizations and humanizes everyone’s experience in a way that is so affirming.
— High School Educator and Workshop Participant

Tarika Barret, Ph.D.

Formerly Chief Program Officer, iMentor; Currently Chief Operation Officer, Girls Who Code

“Bari Katz is exceptional. An outstanding thought-partner and colleague, Bari has been instrumental in advancing the work of our organization around the critical work of curriculum development. In her consultant capacity, she effectively connected with multiple teams, engendering an instant and sustained rapport. Staff members were always excited to meet with Bari which I attribute to her ability to foster a process of engagement that was inclusive, candid and truly leveraged the expertise and perspectives of many to inform design. While developing curriculum was central to her role, Bari was an invaluable repository of knowledge regarding our efforts to replicate our program model nationally. Bari brings a wealth of education and non-profit knowledge and experience to all that she does, and does so with humility and joy. I have loved working with her and would recommend her without reservation.”


Brianne Donnelly

Macaulay Honors College at CUNY

“Bari Katz has facilitated our Student-Alumni Mentoring training program at our college for the last three years. Bari prepares and executes the training session to fit exactly our needs and our unique college. She brings a level of professionalism, enthusiasm and care to our students, alumni and mission that is un-matched.“ 


Lena Eberhart

Chief Program Officer, Let's Get Ready

“Bari is an outstanding thought partner and collaborator. Bari worked with LGR to fully rethink and revise our curricular framework and content with incredible thoughtfulness even within a very tight time frame. Through her considerable expertise and strategic informational interviewing, she quickly and deeply understood the needs of students, staff and partners and was able to devise a collaborative process which ensured the end result reflected the feedback from all of these stakeholders. The final product is a curriculum that is student-centered, highly engaging, outcomes-oriented and will move the work of the organization forward in very substantial ways. Moreover, Bari is such a pleasure to work with — her enthusiasm, warmth, focus and commitment to quality helped us all truly enjoy the process while pushing our thinking about what was possible.“ 


High School Teacher

Recent participant in a Culturally Responsive Teaching workshop

“Bari’s facilitation style is warm, inclusive, and engaging. She created a safe space and made me feel comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone even though the issues we discussed were really challenging. She read the energy of the room, set up the expectations and norms in a way that made everyone clear about where we were going and in turn we all trusted her to take us there.



President and CEO, American Conference on Diversity

“Bari Katz is an exceptional facilitator and leader in social justice education. For more than a decade Bari has delivered phenomenal programs and services to nonprofits and youth service organizations to fulfill their missions. Her passion and commitment to stellar consulting services is an asset to any organization that wants to provide comprehensive quality products and programs.”


Jen Siaca Curry, Ed.D.

Founder and CEO, Change Impact

“Bari is ideal to work with — a content expert, extremely thoughtful, and 100% reliable. I hired Bari to create professional development opportunities for leaders in the after-school field. In designing workshops, she was sensitive to the needs of her audience while creating spaces that pushed them to think deeper and change their practice. And, she's fun too — Bari knows how to keep the audience engaged regardless of the topic.”